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    Franky Koo

    Hi, thanks for your encouraging article about doing stupid idea businesses. It really energized me.

    I am from Indonesia , and I like to collect pictorial natural ( Agate) stone from local sources.
    Since Indonesia is a country with thousands of islands and we have so many volcanos all over the place; it makes our country rich of minerals and gem stones. Some are precious stones which are highly priced, and some are more delicate stones with variety of beautiful natural colors. For me, I would considered myself as a naturalist. I am always amazed by what nature can bring about to our lives. One of the true beauty that I find interesting is on this ‘Natural pictorial stone’. Even though some of the pictures can be so obvious , but some needs to us your imagination. But the interesting part is that once you can see what seems to be implicit at first sight, you can easily identify it clearly the next time you see it.
    I find this is more interesting that observing an abstract work of art, since this is completely natural. However, the skill of the stone polisher is also playing a big role, at least to know when he should stop polishing the stone in order to reach the appealing picture.( which no one can predict previously)

    Therefore, I believe that this natural pictorial stone art should have been more appreciated since it is done by nature , if not by the hands of God. Moreover, you can’t find another copy of the same stone. So , it is the one and only; this what makes the owner of this stone be so proud and treasure his precious stone. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once you see the beauty of this stone, you would try to do anything to get it.

    Some stones are really “alive’. You can tell by the changes of its colors over time and sometimes over the length of the usage. ( you wear the ring with the stone everyday)

    I believe people should have appreciate the natural stones more these days since nothing compares to natural beauty, and only few can have the luxury to enjoy it.

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      Hi, I am happy my article inspired you. Do you have a webpage where we can see your stone collection? If yes, please send me the link using the form from our contact page. Thank you!

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    Business Cash Flow

    I guess you will really be successful if you have a very unique and creative mind. I think that we should not be afraid in trying to do our ideas . This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

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    We Factor

    Thanks for sharing this inpiring article. I think that great ideas are just lying somewhere. We just have to be creative to make a unique products that will drew attention to customers.


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